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What do you guys eat?


Hey random question what you guys eat? I need about 2800 a day to shred and I’m finding it hard though so would love soo feed back


@bgtraining_530 this chat has people with a wealth of diet info… Charles Poliquin used lots of greens as the most extreme, then berries as the first carb. My wife actually studied with Charles in-person on diet and she did the whole thing. I then copied her and no doubt it works for a lot of people. Proteins and greens to get shredded. I’ve also seen lots of people do well with fruit. But what matters is finding what works for you. If I don’t have fruit I struggle with cravings after a while. But I still go back to my basics if I feel I need to lose bodyfat.

Protein + Greens = most extreme. This is unlimited but that’s IT.

Protein + Greens + Berries = still usually works to get lean.

I’m closing in on 2 years without a cheat meal. I ate a lot of fruit, but when I cut the fruit I do get more shredded fast. These are Poliquin diet basics.

I’m not opinionated. I don’t have any disrespect for someone’s diet opinions. I have made no contribution on the subject of diet. So I don’t make public videos about it.

Value is scarcity. I have no special value on diet. But that may help since it’s worked for a lot of my past clients.

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