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Why Ben Patrick didn't release athletic muscle program

Christian Kurz, [10/12/2022 23:25]

@Kneesovertoesguy why did you never go through with releasing the athletic muscle program?

Ben Patrick, [11/12/2022 00:03]

@ckurzz mainly because I don’t have enough muscle. I think that concept can and will be a good marketing concept for the future, maybe not by me personally.

Zero-Dense-Standards are doing well in terms of app delivery and my 2023 plans still revolve around perfecting delivery of the basics. The moment you get into the “muscle” marketing field you’re up against steroids and it didn’t feel right for me at the time to get into that marketing field, when ATG is still so new to the world, and mastering the basics has so much to offer. I think the Standards gives a solid baseline that specialized programs will follow for specific goals.

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