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YouTube: A Goldmine for ATG Coaching

Ben Patrick, [01/07/2023 14:59]


Don’t wait. Start.

Instagram gives bits of data. YouTube allows much deeper education, and that represents where ATG is at. People are aware of knees over toes now, but lack depth of understanding. Even a recent win represents this…

One of the NBA guys who just signed a $100,000,000+ contract this week, he did Zero and our ankle basics for the past two years. He messaged me about it. He just had a career year. But he needs a REAL ATG Coach to ensure best results.

ATG has a long ways to go. But at least we’re in the game!

This is why YouTube is an important place to make deeper educational videos to market yourself as a COACH, beyond what Instagram can do. Not to mention you can create secondary income through YouTube. YouTube pays you. Instagram wants you to pay it.

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