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Zero: A Different Approach to Athletic Training

Keegan Coach, [27/05/2023 03:17]

Interesting conversation with @Kneesovertoesguy in the gym today…

I saw him do a short intense workout very few could match.

(I did various lactic baths > 3 minutes of tempo squats, 10D10 34kg press as well as Nordics & 5D1 at 76kg)

After we were chatting and I asked about how it was possible for him to jump for max height off the reverse hyper 2-3m landing onto concrete cold…

The answer got me thinking how much barbell numbers don’t matter for many athletes & how a different approach to in season and maintenance lifting is possible.

Louis Simmons said the older you get the more frequently you have to train to stay healthy… BUT those extra workouts were mini workouts focussed around blood flow.

Is ZERO the big thing the athletic world needs as much as the sedentary world?

Could Olympic high jumpers & pro dunkers do what Ben did cold two days in a row with zero fear & zero consequences?

If I’m honest it’s my ZERO that’s my biggest weakness from being a true freak athlete!

Ben Patrick, [27/05/2023 03:23]

Thank you @keegancoach !!!

Keegan Coach, [27/05/2023 03:23]

When my Zero > 25 reps on dips, chins, split squats, single leg good morning & most of all KOT calf raise are all world class… then I’ll be ready for freak barbell numbers and jumps / sprints / weightlifting.

Ben Patrick, [27/05/2023 03:23]

Just as we saw Connor Dykes fly… And Fernando squat 400+ no knee sleeves no belt DEEP… I think it is the balance of all things. Good at calisthenics? Barbell! And vice versa…

Knee Zero is really like lower leg and knee calisthenics. I can’t do 20 chins and 20 dips… But I actually think I should be able to. (I also think SLED is similar to Zero for the knee and lower leg) And I’ve done so much sledding at high intent. Worth noting.

It’s possible the sledding can have those effects and shorten the time needed in training. We still know from original ATG days that sled shortens training time and allows barbell progress more smoothly. “No sled?” was the original reason for Zero.

Every session starts with sled. Over a few years that adds up.

But Zero can mimic some of the Achilles and knee benefits of sled. Either way… We have a damn cool full recipe, from sledding to squatting with chains all in the same video.

Grateful for the work we got done.

Keegan Coach, [27/05/2023 03:33]

If other coaches had to match the reverse hyper feat… would it be the low level stuff and dunking / bounding that gets them there? Or more about pushing past standards?

@Kneesovertoesguy has done both. The fun will be in finding out.

@Kneesovertoesguy are you now 10 years into this style of training without obsession over the bar numbers?

Ben Patrick, [27/05/2023 03:40]

@keegancoach I’d say 10+ years now of trying to train for healthier joints.

At present I squat with intent once a week and my body craves doing it more.

Training History, goal, these are factors.

My lower body is probably pretty balanced now. My goal is dunking when Onyx can too. That’s a long time.

I think we’re all starting to understand the layers better, and what a personal journey this is.

So I squat once a week with intent because I know I’ll need the rest of the week to balance up to that, be a dad, run the biz…

To conclude, @keegancoach I think the more we all push to be examples in ourselves, to achieve unusual goals for our age, the more we learn…

Your running improvement over the past few years is apparent when I watch you run. At 40 that’s inspiring. Shows me I will definitely dunk well in my 40s, and that’s exciting!

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